Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Nutro Recall

Yet another recall of Nutro products. Some of their puppy food may contain plastic. Please see Christie Keith's blog at Pet Connection for more detailed information.

I am really disgusted with Nutro. They have a lot of recalls and even more mysterious quality control problems that go unaddressed. They have a habit of denying that there's anything wrong until the complaints pile up to numbers that can not be ignored, then they do a poor job announcing the recall and communicating with their customers.

This is a company that built it's reputation on quality and responsibility, for not containing the toxic chemicals that are in so many grocery store brands ... but having one problem after another, acknowledging those problems only when forced to, then trying to play it down as much as possible by failing to communicate clearly and effectively with their customers, doesn't do much to help their reputation in my opinion.

Nutro needs new public relations and quality control staff.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Support Dick's Sporting Goods, Boycott Michael Vick

Dick's Sporting Goods is refusing to sell Michael Vick's jersey.

They're keeping a tally of how many people call in to support them, the results will be forwarded to the NFL as part of a Michael Vick protest.

It's a pretty big deal for a large company like this, especially a sporting goods store to take a stand against a famous athlete.

Contact Dick's Sporting Goods and tell them that you support their decision not to sell Michael Vick's jersey. Their customer service department can be reached at 866-677-4771, press "0" to talk to an operator. Or send them an email .

Spread the word!