Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy belated B-day Indy!

Indy turned a year old last Wednesday, August 29th. We celebrated by going to the park and running and swimming off leash with his best buddy Hercules. I gave Indy a fresh knuckle bone when we got home. He was so tired it took all the effort he could muster just to chew on it. It was a good day.

This weekend I made a video to commemorate Indy's first year. Since I don't have a digital video camera, it's really just a fancy slide show, but fun all the same.

I apologize in advance for the length, evidently, I've never heard of "less is more" :)


Margot said...

Well, O.K., it's a little long. But so lovely. What a beautiful dog. Happy BB, Indy!

Anonymous said...

What a great dog! I just want to hug him and play with him. I have a beagle/lab mix and he almost the same color. The only way you can tell he has any beagle in him is his mask.

chessnoid said...

very cute puppy video. I enjoyed it. Thanks.