Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blind Dog Rescue Needs Your Stuff

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, Inc. is having an eBay auction! We need money for vetwork. Adam, a pointer mix, our first foster, came into rescue with a bad upper respiratory virus, very bad ear infection in both ears, and lastly he was positive for Coccidia, whipworms and Lung Fluke. He has been to the vet a couple times already to monitor him. He's doing well, but vetwork was expensive. Buddy, a senior poodle we pulled from a shelter in NJ, also may have kennel cough.
We have a 10 week old puppy born without eyes coming in next week. We need to raise money to pay for their vetwork!

Please, if you have anything to donate, email You can either ship the item or send it to us to ship (though if you can ship, that'd be great) All items are welcome, not necessarily dog related items. Auction will start on September 6. Please crosspost widely, and thanks for your support.

BDRA, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing blind and visually impaired dogs.

Please contact Blind Dog Rescue directly as I am not involved in this project, merely cross-posting for the director.

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